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The safest tree fellers in town, we understand that cutting tree is the last resort, we start by looking at other alternatives like trimming and one of leading tree felling companies in Johannesburg and Tree fellers in Johannesburg

Residential & Commercial Tree Felling Johannesburg

is an extreme, but often essential task that must only be carried out by qualified professional Tree felling Companies in Johannesburg and tree felling prices and how much does a tree cost in south africa

Removal may be required for a number of reasons, but it is most commonly because the tree has become diseased, dangerous or is simply in the way.

Every project must be assessed individually to decide the most suitable method of removal. For example; A tree may be need to be straight felled, if deemed too dangerous to climb or dismantled in pieces, where space is limited ie tree felling Johannesburg South and tree felling services near me

Whatever the situation, we have the tools and experience to carry out any tree removal in Randburg, Pretoria, Sandton, johannesburg tree felling and across South Africa.

Our qualified tree surgeons have amassed an extensive knowledge and priceless experience whilst working in the arboricultural industry. We’re also insured with up to R5m of Public Liability & Employers Liability insurance, giving you the peace of mind that all tree felling services will be carried out to the highest possible standards.

– cutting down trees of all types: palm, gum-tree, jacaranda, elm, plants – urban site clearingstump removals – storm damage/ insurance claims – tree cabling and bracing and rigging – tree planting parks, gardens, streets – ubran tree removals, private or public spaces – cutting and pruning services – lightning protection systems – wood chipping/ mulching/ firewood supplies – garden clean ups – crane truck and chipper hire

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Maintaining the shape and size of your trees is essential when it comes to creating a healthy, aesthetically beautiful garden space. There’s no one size fits all solution which is we use a wide range of pruning, reduction, lifting and thinning techniques to create the perfect look for your garden.

It’s not just the trees themselves that can benefit from crown lifting, crown reduction and pruning. A more open area in and around your trees can promote healthy wildlife as well as the growth of other plants and shrubs.

There’s also the added benefit of protecting surrounding property such as houses, sheds and fencing by maintaining your trees throughout the year, helping to avoid falling branches and other natural hazards.

At tree fellers roodepoort, we’ve provided stump removal in johannesburg, pretoria, randburg, fourways, centurion and beyond, using state of the art stump grinding tools for a thorough, hassle free removal. What’s more is that all of our staff are fully qualified and insured, giving you the peace of mind that all stump grinding projects are carried out to the highest professional standards

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Having one or multiple tree stumps littered across your garden can be a problem for a number of reasons, but the most common is that they’re simply an eyesore that most gardens could do without.

The problem is that tree stump removal near me can be a real headache, particularly if you don’t have the correct equipment to carry the work out properly. Generally, the stump needs to first be ground down to a pre-determined depth before the hole is filled in and naturally levelled over time.

At Gardening Companysa palm tree felling Johannesburg, we’ve provided stump removal tree felling near me, using state of the art stump grinding tools for a thorough, hassle free removal. What’s more is that all of our staff are fully qualified and insured, giving you the peace of mind that all stump grinding projects are carried out to the highest professional standards.

safety is our priority

Tree Felling Services in Johannesburg

Tree felling Johannesburg involves cutting the whole tree down, we do not recommend the cutting down of trees at all costs but tree felling can be an option where there is no alternative. tree felling Roodepoort, tree felling Johannesburg south, tree felling services

Due to the fact that we are professional tree fellers in South Africa, the stump and the tree may be left on site depending on the preferences of the client. we may take the tree and clear the stump if the client requires such a service with tree felling services

With more than 10 years of experience in tree care services Johannesburg, we now are able to safely say that we know how to take good care of trees.

We trim trees and we do tree felling to good height, we also do pest control on tree that are under attack of pests and diseases, we have experienced experts that can take good care of your tree even tree felling Roodepoort

We are experienced in site clearing services in South Africa, we do site clearing for both large corporates that want o do construction and for domestic individuals that just need to enlarge their yard.tree felling prices, tree felling Fourways, tree felling Sandton, tree felling Alberton, tree felling edenvale

Our site clearing is healthy to the environment since we have trained experts that have great experience in the clearing  business. 

Certified Tree Felling Johannesburg

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